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Tenuta Pennit

Tenuta Pennita farm in Terra del Sole

At Tenuta Pennita you can taste our products such as extra virgin olive oils, white wines, red and dessert wines, or request a distillate tasting as well as the grappas all from their own production. Here you will find a beautiful

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Opening of the Castrocaro fortress

When: from Saturday 29 April 2023 open to the public, Where: Fortress of Castrocaro Terme, Cost: € 5,00 A unique combination where architecture ties in with its surroundings.The fortress of Castrocaro consists of three distinct works of architecture, ?? ??????, ?? ????? ?

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What to see in Forlì?

Churches, squares, museums: but also parks and statues, not forgetting the villas, palaces and fortresses that have made the city’s history. Forlì has many places to visit and there are many tourists who annually visit Romagna and what, for hundreds

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Tennis at the Derby club in Castrocaro

During your stay at the Grand Hotel Castrocaro Longlife Formula ® you can play tennis at the Castrocaro Derby club in via Vallicelli, 12, Castrocaro Terme, 47011 a 1 km from the Grand Hotel. Info: +393281786348 Rate 1 h € 15.00 Please

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Villa Saffi House Museum in Forlì

Visit the Villa Saffi House Museum during your stay at the Grand Hotel Castrocaro Long Life Formula® in Forlì Via Firenze, 164. The building,originally Jesuit convent (traces of their chapel are still visible outside the façade), was purchased by the

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Trattoria Montepaolo in Dovadola

Try the tasty traditional dishes of Romagna during your stay at the Grand Hotel Castrocaro Long Life Formula®at the trattoria Montepaolo in Dovadola 47013 in Via Monte Paolo 55 From the ss67 turn right onto the panoramic road that leads to the

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Departures Forlì Airport

Extend your holiday in Castrocaro Terme with a flight from Forlì airport. Stay at the Grand Hotel Castrocaro Long Life Formula® conveniently close to the recently opened ‘Luigi Ridolfi’ airport in Forlì. Forlì airport, in the heart of Romagna, just a

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