Villa Saffi in Forlì

Villa Saffi House Museum in Forlì

Visit the Villa Saffi House Museum during your stay at the Grand Hotel Castrocaro Long Life Formula®. in Forlì Via Firenze, 164.

The building, originally Jesuit convent (traces of their chapel are still visible outside the façade), was purchased by the Count Tommaso Saffi, grandfather of Aurelioand mainly used as summer residence.

For a long time and permanently resided there Aurelio Saffiwho died here on 10 April 1890. His memory and that of the historical events in which he was a protagonist and participant are very much present in the furnishings and in the paper and decorative materials preserved here, without forgetting that, even earlier, the villa was the site of Carbonari meetings.

The charm that the rooms exert on visitors, in addition to the historical memories, is linked to the preservation of various original furnishings of remarkable value and elegance, to the rich libraryincluding an important collection of rare newspapers, to thelarge, attractive park. Inside the building is still visible the testimony left by the contemporary artist Amerigo Bartoli Natinguerra, who painted at trompe-l'oeil the so-called PIN ROOMg-pong.

The park of Villa Saffi
Although in the past, as now, one would normally enter the villa from the side entrance, it is very impressive to walk down the driveway from the main gate, shaded by lime trees and dotted with spring blooms of violets and periwinkles.

The park, at the front, is dominated by a majestic cedar of Lebanon probably dating back to the time of the triumvirate, to which magnolias, plane trees and cypresses were added, cleverly mixed with hazels, viburnums and laurels.

In the area behind the villa, a few specimens survive of the small scrub of oaks that existed in the past, creating a cool and shady groveinside which the cave was built to serve as a snowbox (to provide ice in summer).

Via Firenze, 164 - San Varano locality - Forlì

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House Museum opens by reservation.

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How to access
Free entry
. During public opening hours.
The museum is only accessible to the disabled on the ground floor.

Villa Saffi is part of the 'Case Museo dei Poeti e degli Scrittori di Romagna' (House Museum of the Poets and Writers of Romagna) circuit, a co-ordination set up to enhance and promote the area's numerous historical residences.
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How to get there
Bus stop in Via Firenze, lines 6-91.
Free parking near the Villa.

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